IMI's 11th International Conference

Zoom, Artificial Intelligence & New Advances to Build Global Health

The ZAINAB Global Health Conference: Zoom, Artificial Intelligence & New Advances to Build Global Health

About the conference:

Imamia Medics International (IMI) is holding its 11th International Conference, in partnership with The Rising Sun (TRS), as in-person meeting on Friday 17th November to 19 November 2023, in Auckland, New Zealand at the Grand Millennium Hotel.The conference will cover all aspects of medicine and allied specialties including dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and others.

The conference also includes many special events, including a special Gala Dinner, and parallel sessions for the Women’s Wing, Youth Wing, Pharmaceutical, Nursing and Dental Wings. It will attract attendees from civil society and health policy organizations, as well as government officials, health professionals, medical researchers, intellectuals, and scholars. The conference has been designed to engage all; we encourage you to attend with your family. 

About the theme:

The world changed with the COVID-19 pandemic and so did healthcare. Telemedicine and platforms like Zoom (with AI at the core of its product) became immediate needs to ensure access to health in the midst of lockdowns and the global crisis. The pandemic accelerated and expanded the use of technology in healthcare, and now, new generative AI like ChatGPT are anticipated to transform the practice of medicine globally in the coming years. Simultaneously, scientists are continuing to seek solutions for leading health issues with breakthroughs during the pandemic for some (Alzheimer’s disease, maternal mortality, and prostate cancer among them) with innovation and research across disciplines. The conference will be comprised of thematic sessions designed to share knowledge and increase a deeper understanding of advanced stages of diseases across multiple specialties, their risk factors and new advances in technologies and treatment, as well as the need to ensure inclusive and culturally appropriate approaches and communication with patients and communities. Inclusion continues to be the lens for the overall weekend programming, with the academic program team developing sessions not only for health professionals, but also individuals of any background coming together to improve the health of people, our communities and our world.

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For our guests coming into New Zealand from other countries, information about travel and visa have been included online here.

For those interested in staying longer than the conference days, an optional add-on sightseeing program is being planned. For more details visit our sightseeing page here.

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